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Welcome to b2Partners Commercial Real Estate Capital and Advisory Firm

We choose for our corporate “stance” to revolve around Service and for our “focus” to lie predominately on Relationships.

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WHAT we do

b2 Partners provides access to capital, development expertise, and problem-solving that would otherwise be unattainable to numerous developers and their tenants. Sometimes capital is the problem, but most times, it is just another issue, in a laundry list of them. From site-specific development challenges to design & construction to legal impacts such as REA and lease negotiations, provides its development partners access to experience and capabilities that allow certainty of execution to be removed as a limiting factor against the developer. While capital is always a key consideration in any development, simply put…we are a lot more than just money.

HOW we do it

b2  Partners was founded to be different. Certainly, we expect to be impactful to our tenant and developer relationships, and profitable for our investors.  The Company was founded to be different on a geometric, not linear, scale.  b2’s hope and expectation is that this difference will demonstrate itself via a spirit and ethos that permeates and envelopes all stakeholders. In the end, this difference is driven by a simple approach…

We choose for our corporate “stance” to revolve around Service and for our “focus” to lie predominately on Relationships.

WHY we do it

b2’s focus is on Service. This allows the depth of Relationships to form that unlock value through collaborative problem solving and opportunistic risk acceptance. By communicating from the outset from a “Service” point of view and choosing to focus on our Relationships with the tenant and/or developer. The normal issues and stress points of a project simply fade away and the geometric accretion noted above is realized. In turn, projects are delivered more quickly and without the “Us vs Them” seen time and again in the development cycle.

b2Partners is a comprehensive commercial real estate financing and advisory firm. We offer a complete range of commercial real estate development services including: capital development and construction, entitlements, legal, and site search. Our in-house team of professionals offers knowledge, expertise, and problem-solving from site selection through the entire development process. We partner with our clients’ to produce solutions!

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Why we stand out

Development is about People, not Bricks and Mortar…

At b2 Partners, we understand the personal and professional challenges caused by meeting the real estate needs of a growing Company. Trust, Integrity, and Performance are more than concepts to us…they are the cornerstones that allow for personal and professional success.

Come join the list of retailers, restaurants, and medical service providers who have experienced this RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN approach to real estate development.

Through that relationship, you and your Company will have access to a team of real estate professionals that are second to none. With our strategic partnership, you will enjoy and control resources who have:

  • a combined 75+ years of CRE experience
  • undertaken in excess of 300 CRE projects
  • managed projects from “cradle to grave”
  • inhouse Capital Placement & Risk Management
  • served both public and private Companies
  • completed projects exceeding $1.5B in value
  • had Pipeline responsibility as both Tenet & Developer
  • extensive experience in California and the Northeast

We do what it takes to keep improving and to keep our promises.

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